Inside the heart of nature on the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve something Enchanting lies in Wait- Camp Riverwild designed like no others, camps breathtaking Architecture, Simple decor and innovative use of Wood, Thatch, Light and Space need to be seen to be Believed.

Home to six luxurious suites, all overlooking the riverbed, Camp Riverwild boasts all the features of an exceptional jungle Retreat - beautiful setting, excellent cuisine and abundant wildlife.

All suites are fully equipped, complete with air conditioning, double beds, en-suite bathrooms, private viewing decks. Thatched roofs, wooden and stone finishes complete the picture of an exclusive getaway. Each Cottage has its own private Deck, ideal for private game viewing as well as relaxing, reading and soaking in the warmth and vibrancy of Camp Riverwild, combined with an intimacy and seclusion makes this an ideal Jungle retreat for friends, families or small groups Our food is delicious; our desserts have been called sinful. Meals are served on fine Indian Pottery. You can even tailor your own menu with our Executive Chef.

Adventurous wildlife safaris and viewing several species of animals and 580 bird species, from open Gypsy in the company of a qualified Guide, make for a truly memorable experience, and the highlight of your holiday.
It is located on the fringes of the corbett park and on the banks of the river kosi- providing an exotic scenic view. Exotic mixed shrubbery- alive with flowers- is crossed by pebbled paths leading to charming private cottages.

Luxury Cottages

The log-huts

A truly unique accomadation

Everything at Camp Riverwild is charmingly different. From the living spaces to the material used for construction, the endeavour has been to blend in with the environment, yet add to the panorama of the surrounding river and mountains. A place that is equipped with the best-in-class facilities, amenities and services. Camp Riverwild is an exceptional jungle Retreat that offers you an experience of timeless existence.

Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms

Day drives

The mystical and magical India. Everyone who is lucky enough to experience its power and magic. The concept of 'Safari' conjures up images of adventure, thrilling landscapes and absorbing wildlife. Camp Riverwild is located on the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve whilst staying at you will experience the ultimate luxury safaris.

The Corbett Tiger Reserve is blessed with a great biodiversity of habitat and wildlife giving an excellent chance of close encounters with the Tiger, Elephant and leopard - as well as fresh water fish eating crocodile or Gharial. With over 580 bird species, the reserve is a birdwatcher's delight.

Safaris take place each morning and evening in open Gypsys which drive through a wide variety of habitats, allowing you to view the vast interactions of the wild. After breakfast, guests on guided walking trails can experience the natural environment on foot in the reserve forest adjoining Corbett. The dedicated, skilled and passionate Guides lead you to discover miracles of Nature you may never have dreamed existed.


A knock on your door from the Camp Guide will wake you before first light, while the kitchen brews hot coffee or tea, and prepares cool fruit juices with toast, Rusk or other freshly made delicacy. So begin the morning safaris.

Early morning is the time of day for bird songs, and the rising sunlight dances off beads of dew on spiders' webs. The guide will watch the road for spoor, leaning forward intently to find any print left by a predator during its hunt in the dark. There may be hushed discussions with the other Guide, sharing information to ensure that the occupants of each Gupsy have the best chance of a wide range of sightings and also ensures control and responsible behavior as vehicles move in close to the animals.

Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms


Jim Corbett National Park is a Mecca of birdwatchers it has a spectacular avifaunal diversity. Over 580 species of resident and migratory birds have been recorded in and around Jim Corbett National Park. Forty nine species of diurnal raptors are found here forming a characteristics element of a avifauna. Great pied hornbill, pallas's, fishing eagle, collared falconet are some of the endangered birds found in the Jim Corbett National Park. The bird life is varied in different parts of the reserve. The avifaunal diversity is at peak during winters.

Camp Riverwild organizes special bird watching safaris with expert guides Rates and itinerary on request.


Renowned for luxury safaris, Camp Riverwild isn't all about relaxing game drives and riverside dining. Our doors are always open for adventurers and for those who really want absorb nature as much as they want. On the morning walk you will be part of a small group that sets out on foot after breakfast. The walk is an opportunity to experience wildlife and natural beauty at close quarters.

Corbett boasts approximately 580 species of birds. Their nests and calls are fascinating. There is an endless diversity of trees, shrubs and flowering plants, and whatever the time of year, no two walks are ever the same. Camp Riverwild Do not charge any money for such walks they are complimentary and part of our educational program.

Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms


Rafting (In Season from July to September) : An adventure seeker resorts to water sports for the sheer adrenalin flow, and the danger factor associated with it gives it a new charm altogether. You can opt for white water river rafting in the river Kosi surrounded by beautiful mountain ridges and cliffs, is an experience by itself. Whether you are a beginner or bring skills and techniques from previous experience, Camp Riverwild offers something for everyone. Sandy beaches line the river at intervals, allowing you to pull up alongside. The banks are covered with Saal, Teak, Khair and Rosewood. with an occasional village and its terraced fields, dotting the landscape.


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